A User’s Experience with Phallosan Forte – A Must Read!

This website focuses on promoting only male enhancement products that are safe and effective. It makes me very happy to read comments from people that took my advice and used the products I recommend.

I was more than happy when one of the users of this product, by name Mark, wrote to me sharing his experience with my recommended male enhancement products with special attention on Phallosan Forte.

I sought his permission to publish it the way he sent it in, and he gave his consent. Below is the email I got from him:


My name is Mark, and I feel very reluctant to write to you because not only am I a naturally shy person, I also do not like writing. But I had to reach out to you and share my experience with you and thank you for all your honest opinions in advising us.

To start with, I must say that I have enjoyed using the Phallosan Forte extender because I don’t have to wear it around the whole day. I only get to wear it at night while I enjoy a comfortable night rest.

It suits people like me who are quite busy during the day and have to get up early and attend to a lot of things daily.

Guys that are lazy will also love it too  This product with Bathmate is my go-to penis enhancement products anytime any day.

I have to point out that it was not uncomfortable at all. I dreaded using it because I was wondering if it was really as comfortable as preached, but since I needed something I could use at night, I gave it a try. My, oh my, I am almost in love with the way it feels on my penis.

Maybe I should start by telling you why I got involved in male enhancement solutions.

I started my journey last year. Before then, I had occasionally done some penis exercises and jelqing, I even used Bathmate and was getting an impressive result. But since I always left the house quite early, I needed something that will give me some result while saving me some time.

I was also overweight and battling with my penis being tucked in because of the body weight I had accumulated. My job is quite demanding with little rest (well, that comes with a management position, but the pay is good 

So, it was easy for me to gain weight, which affected my already not-so-impressive penis size. My relationships suffered it the most. I was secretly battling with depression and had to resort to medication to help me out most times.

But knowing that I cannot keep on running away from relationships, I knew I had to do something about my sexual life by fixing my area of concern – my penis size.

That led me to discover Phallosan Forte.

With all that I heard about it, it was almost too good to believe.

I had used a good number of male enhancement products like SizeGenetics, Bathmate, and other penis pumps, and I got impressive results with them.

In as much as I am a hard worker, I must admit that I am very, very lazy and impatient in carrying out penis enhancement exercises. So I jumped at the opportunity of growing my penis while I snooze with the help of Phallosan Forte. Note that I had already considered surgery but rejected the ideas due to the risk involved.

When I learned that it was medically recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I was over the moon because then I was more assured of its safety.

My procedure

Naturally, the reason many people get penis extenders is to increase the size, length and possibly, the girth of their penis. For me, if I can only achieve length alone, I couldn’t be happier.

Did I tell you that I had Peyronie’s disease (curved penis)? In as much as I would love to strengthen the penis, I was more concerned about increasing the size of my penis since my self-esteem was suffering the consequences.

So, I started by wearing Phallosan slowly for 2 to 3 hours at first before going for all night. Since I was quite impressed with the result I was getting with Bathmate and since it was not so time-consuming, I alternated it with Bathmate on some days when I have like 10 to 15 minutes to spare before going to work.

While wearing the Phallosan Forte, I usually switch the direction so that the extender will attend to all parts of my penis.

My result

I lack words to express the result I got with this routine. What I did not expect was to have my penis strengthened in the process. My gosh, what a relief! To be honest, if that was all I could achieve with Phallosan Forte, I couldn’t be more grateful. But that was only the icing on the cake.

In as little as 6 months, I have already achieved 0.9 inches. I feel like hugging you right now. It was quite unbelievable when I saw the increase in my penis. I had to measure it and almost screamed when I saw the result.

You had said that the result will vary for many people in the first 6 months. So, I was hoping for at most 0.5 inches.

I cannot thank you enough. Phew, so much for someone that hates writing 

I am no longer on heavy depression drugs like I was before because my confidence is skyrocketing.

Thanks so much, man!

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